We care for the clients who are concerned about protecting their property during lifetime and shielding their assets on death or incapacity. We value the clients’ intention to preserve the best interest of the loved ones. We provide legal services in the following areas –

  • Will planning
  • Preparation and drafting of Will
  • Guardianship applications
  • Probate Certificate
  • Administration of Estate
  • Passing of Accounts, Dependant’s Support Claim
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care and Property

We have an expert lawyer with sound understanding and solid experience in family law. We approach negotiating agreements and using the ADR to avoid court unless going to the Court is the best means for the client. Our Law Office provide services in preparing Separation Agreement, Cohabitation Agreement (property and support), Marriage Contract, Legal Opinion on Foreign Divorce, Inter-jurisdictional Support Order and Independent Legal Advice. We also provide proper and caring representation in family court matters of divorce, matrimonial property – equalization, child and spousal support, custody, access and guardianship and adoption.

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